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Listening to your inner voice – Accessing intuition

Listening to your inner voice – Accessing intuition
Intuition is described as a sense of knowing something, without the use of reason or being aware of how we know. Some believe that it is a message from God, an experience that transcends our physical life. We often refer to intuition by using words such as “gut feeling” or “that something just felt right” We receive inspiration when we least expect it - in the shower or whilst sitting quietly, not focusing on a particular problem. Often we can go to bed with a dilemma and wake up the next morning with the answers.

By living intuitively we are able to exist in greater harmony with our world. We call a sick friend or family member when they need us, we avoid dangerous situations, find the right job, meet who we need to meet, and follow a direction in life that is line with our higher purpose.

During this workshop you will gain more insight and amplify the following:

Where does intuition come from and how does gut feel play a role?

How to determine your dominant intuitive skills – do you hear voices, see visions, have feelings or find that your sense of smell guides you. There may be more than one!

Exercises that will help you to sense other people’s energies

Exercises to enhance the 3rd eye and pineal gland

What does it mean to be an empath and how you can protect yourself from toxic energies?

A meditation to connect with your intuitive self

Date: Saturday, 15 September 2018 from 1.30pm to 4.30pm

Cost: R350 per person – includes notes, refreshments and a greater sense of awareness by the end of the afternoon!

Venue: Randpark Ridge, Randburg

Contact: Yvonne on 083 258 4497 or

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