Tarot message for the week of 15 to 22 October 2018

This week illuminates new pathways and opportunities that are open for your scrutiny.  You have some choices to make, but you are guided that there is no right or wrong in your final decision. Each has its own unique lessons to offer and will be instrumental in your future learning and growth.  Your only gauge would be to pick the one that makes your heart flutter and gets you excited about your prospects.

At times we need to make sacrifices in order to get to the next step of our personal growth. And it could even be that these sacrifices as those old beliefs that are holding you back. So you may be offered a new job or career move and the only sacrifice that you have to make is to get out of your current comfort zone and overcome the fear of change. 

Giving up one thing to achieve another doesn’t always have to involve a loss. In the end it may offer you a bigger gift than you ever imagined.
Some may not realise that they are in a situation that is unhealthy and blocks them or suppresses them from living in their purpose. Let your body guide you. A lowered immune system, high stress levels, burnout, nervous tension and other imbalances are all signs that it is time to assess your life. 

Finances are cause for concern, but if you take a closer look there may be some extra cash available to you that you forgot about. Options include a savings account that has been building up interest, a policy that you forgot about or you may get offered a part time job that brings in extra cash. 

Take care not to sign important documents without looking over them carefully. There may be a clause that will come back and bite you later. 
For some it may require you to follow the legal route in order to break free from certain business arrangements and partnerships. Look at all the options so that each party comes out a winner in the end. 

There is a strong focus on the hands this week and how we work with them in our daily life and taking care of them more. Notice your hands and how you use them in gestures and for protection as well as the energies of give and take.  

The supporting card for this reading is: 
The Devil is assigned the number 15 which can be summed to the number 6.  This number refers to the balance that we between the physical world and the spiritual realm. How are you balancing these two areas of your life? Again a bit of sacrifice is required in the sense that we may have to sacrifice some of our work time in order to spend quality moments with loved ones. If you’re going into extremes in one area of your life, you may need to subtract some of that time in order to give the other areas more attention. 

The Devil may generally be feared as the embodiment of evil, but fortunately in this case one need not be concerned by these connotations.  Although this card may refer to many situations it most often refers to a relationship which may have become negative or destructive.  It could be about being enslaved to something or someone for example an idea, way of life, unsatisfactory job, bad habit or self destructive attitude.  It represents a trap, but this is of your own making and you can get out of it if you choose to.  It may not be easy, but once you can break the psychological or emotional chains and believe in yourself , you can become more empowered and create a more favourable outcome for yourself.  More positively, this card can mean that you are gaining control of your life and have a better awareness of your weaknesses.   If a marriage or commitment to a relationship is under consideration then this card is a good omen.   

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