Tarot Message for the week of 15 to 22 April 2019
This is a good time to take it easy and replenish your energies. If you’ve been feeling very tired lately then your body is telling you to take it easy. Take a long Epsom salt bath to release toxic energies and give yourself permission to do absolutely nothing over the weekend. We always feel that we need to be doing something and if we are not doing something then we feel guilty about it. But by doing absolutely nothing, we are still doing something and that is giving ourselves some much needed nurturing.
If there an issue that is causing discomfort or stress, take some time if you can see a new perspective on it. There is a solution to that you may not have seen before, but some quiet time will reveal the answers to you. This may also be about a situation where you feel a bit trapped or stuck. Have you looked at your choices in greater depth? There may be a solution that is right in front of your eyes that you haven’t even considered. 
By hanging around in the past, you may be putting up a protective wall around you and not letting others in. You are not a product of your past and not everyone is the same in their actions. Aim to start a whole new chapter with new experiences from this moment forth!
There is light at the end of the tunnel with finances and with careful management you can overcome an obstacle that you have around money. You are also guided to view money as an energy and in as much as you can freely send out love and gratitude for what you have and for what is to come, you can visualise the energy of money flowing into your love. Imagine the money that you need flowing into and through your life whilst holding onto feelings of love and gratitude. Give it a colour and visualise it flowing into and through your energy field. You are the alchemist of your own life! You can create magic! 

The Supporting card for this reading is The Hermit:
The Hermit
The Hermit is illustrated as an old man wrapped in long robes reminiscent of a monk.  He clutches a staff and holds a lamp in front to guide him on his way.   He symbolizes the search for truth and the discarding of all distractions.  This card suggests that there is a need for solitude and to give yourself time to reflect and contemplate.  You are guided to plan carefully and contemplate before making a decision.  Take some time from the hustle and bustle of daily living to think and plan.  If you need advice, confide in someone that you trust.   Your self awareness and self knowing will prove useful in achieving greater wisdom and understanding. This card is especially appropriate if you are  wondering which path or direction to take in life, because you’ll soon be able to reach a satisfying conclusion and things will become much better.  It is important to  stand back from the situation, keep an open mind and consider all your options.  The Hermit may also be gently reminding you that you don’t yet know all the facts – perhaps a new aspect of a current situation will soon be revealed.  

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