Tarot message for the week of 17 June to 24 June 2019
From anger to action
Anger is an emotion that comes up when things don’t go our way or we feel that an injustice has been done. Sometimes there has been a build up of feelings that have been carried around and left unexpressed resulting in a blow up at a most inopportune time. At times it is even projected at the wrong people. Some other triggers for anger include Grief, Rudeness, Tiredness, Hunger, Pain, Withdrawal from drugs or some medications, illness, humiliation and embarrassment, and failure and disappointment. 
Carrying this anger around is not healthy both on a physical as well as mental and emotional level. One tends to then view life through a dark veil of resentment and frustration and doesn’t get to see the beauty that life has to offer. Anger may even be used as a shield and armour against an unfair world.   Anger should also not be denied, but rather expressed in a healthy and productive manner. 
It can be honoured for the emotion that is unique to each individual and then be released in a loving way so that it can be replaced with something more worthwhile like acceptance, or forgiveness of self. The situation that caused the emotion will not change as it’s in the past, but the emotions and understanding surrounding that particular situation can be reviewed and reassessed so that one can move forward. 
Questions to ask yourself:
When I get angry how do I react? How can I change my reactions so that they are more productive for me? 
Who am I angry at?  Is this valid or do I need to relook the target of my emotions.
Am I carrying my anger from the past around with me and how can I work towards letting it go?
How can I transform the emotion of anger so that I can use the energy in a more constructive way?
On a general note:
At last! Issues around career and work are now being resolved. Some of you who have considered leaving a job or change career will find that matters suddenly turn around for the better and you don’t have to make the move. If you’ve become despondent because you haven’t heard about a job that you applied for, then it shows that this will happen and that you can expect good news. In some companies, there may be a bit of reshuffling which brings about new opportunities for growth. 
Please ensure that you are completely committed to a course or financial contract before you sign on the dotted line as you may have regret for your decisions at a later stage. 
Don’t allow minor issues to blow up with loved ones as it may create more conflict than you had hoped for. 
The supporting card for this reading is
The world
The World heralds the arrival of your heart's desire, whatever that may be, a time of achievement, recognition, success and triumph.   A turning point has been reached and you can look back on your experiences with satisfaction.  If you have been wondering whether you need to change jobs or move house, then the world gives you the green light.    This card can also indicate travel, or even emigration, whether this is planned at the time of the reading or not.  If  you are  thinking of going on holiday, this card suggests that you should travel to somewhere they’ve never been before, especially if its exotic or steeped in history culture.    This is the card of a potential fulfilled, of satisfaction and of efforts rewarded. It is the culmination of events, of happy outcomes and indicates material wealth and greater spiritual awareness.   

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